Bo-Michael BellanderBo-Michael Bellander, MD, Ph.D. 
Dept. of Clinical Neuroscience,
Section for Neurosurgery,
Building R3:02
Karolinska University Hospital, Solna
S-171 76 Stockholm
Tel: +46-8-517 760 06
Fax: +46-8-517 722 91
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Medical School 
Graduated from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, 1984

Postgraduate qualifications 
Board certified in 
• Anesthesiology and intensive care 1987 and 
• Neurosurgery 1993

Areas of interest 
• Neurotrauma
• Neurocritical care

Current positions 
• Associate professor at the Institution for Clinical Neuroscience, section for Neurosurgery at Karolinska university hospital Solna, Stockholm, Sweden. 
• Launched the Neurointensive care unit at Karolinska 1996 and since then head of the NICU.
• Head of the program for neurotraumatology at Karolinska university hospital Solna.

Commission of trust
• 2007 Organizer of the 2007 annual Olivecrona meeting, Att: Prof. Mikael Svensson, MD., Ph.D., Dept of Neurosurgery, Karolinska university hospital
• 2008 Member of the ”steering committee Center for trauma research” 2008-01-01 – present, Att: Staffan Cullheim, prefekt KI
• 2008 Member of the organizing committee for the Scandinavian Neurosurgical Society annual meeting in Stockholm 2008.
• 2009 Boardmember of the Research Council of department of Neurosurgery 2009-05-11 Faculty member: 5:th International Conference on Biochemical Markers for Brain Damage. Att: Prof Bertil Romner MD, PhD.
• 2010 Member of the Organizing committee for the Karolinska institutet 200 years anniversary Symposium on Traumatic Injuries in the Nervous System.
• 2013 The Swedish government’s expert in the National inquiry of Donation and transplantation issues 2013:04.
• 2014 Board member of the inquiry of national trauma organization in Sweden (The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare)
• 2014 Principal Investigator Stockholm for CENTER-TBI.

Editorial boards: 
• Frontiers in Neurotrauma (2010), 
• Brain Injury (2014)

• 2002 Awarded the ”Stora Carolinapriset” for ”excellent leadership”

Publications last 5 years:

  • Nelson DW, Nyström H, Maccallum RM, Thornquist B, Lilja A, Bellander BM, Rudehill A, Wanecek M, Weitzberg E: Extended analysis of early computed tomography scans of traumatic brain injured patients and relations to outcome. J Neurotrauma. 2010 Jan;27(1):51-64. 
  • Nelson DW, Thornquist B, MacCallum RM, Nyström H, Hoslt A, Rudehill A, Wanecek M, Bellander BM, Weitzberg E: Analysis of cerebral microdialysis in traumatic brain injury: Relations to intracranial pressure, cerebral perfusion pressure and catheter placement. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 2011 Mar 2;9(1):21. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Bellander, Lidman, Ohlsson, Meijer, Piehl, Svensson: Genetic influence on microglial reaction, complement activation and cellular necrosis following traumatic brain injury in rats. Exp Brain Res 2010 2010 Aug;205(1):103-14. Epub 2010 Jul 3.
  • Bellander, Olafsson , Ghatan, Skejö, Hansson, Wanecek, Svensson: Secondary insults following traumatic brain injury enhance complement activation in the human brain and release of the tissue damage marker S100B. Acta Neurochirurgica 2011, Jan;153(1):90-100. Epub 2010 Aug 6.
  • Risling, Plantman, Angeria, Rostami, Bellander, Kirkegaard, Arborelius, Davidsson: Mechanisms of blast induced brain injuries, experimental studies in rat. Neuroimage 2011, Jan, 54 Suppl 1: S89-97. Epub 2010 May 19. 
  • Rostami, Bellander: Monitoring of glucose in brain, adipose tissue and peripheral blood in patients with traumatic brain injury, a microdialysis study. J. Diabetes Sci Tech. 2011, 5.3. 596-604
  • Yan, Hellewell, Bellander, Agyapomaa, Morganti-Kossmann: Post-traumatic hypoxia exacerbates neurological deficit, neuroinflammation and cerebral metabolism in rats with diffuse traumatic brain injury. J Neuroinflam. 2011 Oct 28;8:147.
  • Raboel, Bartek, Andresen, Bellander, Romner: Review; Intracranial pressure monitoring: invasive versus non-invasive methods and complications. Submitted to Critical Care Research and Practice, accepted 2012-03.
  • Agoston, Risling, Bellander: Bench-to-bedside and bedside back to bench; coordinating clinical and experimental traumatic brain injury studies; accepted in Frontiers in Neurology Front Neurol. 2012;3:3. Epub 2012 Feb 2.
  • Risling M, Bellander BM, Cullheim S: Traumatic injuries in the nervous system. Front Neurol. 2012;3:26. Epub 2012 Feb 24. 
  • Rostami, E., Davidsson, J., Ng, K.C., Lu, J., Gyorgy, A., Walker, J., Wingo, D., Plantman, S., Bellander, B.M., Agoston, D.V., Risling, M. A model for mild traumatic brain injury that induces limited transient mem ory impairment and increased levels of axon related serum biomarkers. Front Neurol. 2012;3:115. Epub 2012 Jul 23.
  • Al Nimer, F, Ström, M, Lindblom, R, Bellander, BM., Nyengaard, J, Lidman, O., Piehl, F: Naturally occurring variation in the glutathione-S-transferase 4 gene determines neurodegeneration after traumatic brain injury, Antioxid Redox Signal. 2013 Mar 1;18(7):784-94. doi: 10.1089/ars.2011.4440. Epub 2012 Sep 24.
  • Nelson, Rudehill, MacCallum, Holst, Wanecek, Weitzberg, Bellander: Multivariate outcome prediction in traumatic brain injury with focus on laboratory values. J Neurotrauma. 2012 Sep 20. [Epub ahead of print].
  • Persson ME, Thelin EP, Bellander BM. Case Report: Extreme Levels of Serum S-100B in a Patient with Chronic Subdural Hematoma. Front Neurol. 2012 Dec 5;3:170. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2012.00170. PMID: 23227020 [PubMed] Free PMC Article.
  • Thelin EP, Johannesson L, Nelson D, Bellander BM. S100B is an important outcome predictor in traumatic brain injury. J Neurotrauma. 2013 Apr 1;30(7):519-28. doi: 10.1089/neu.2012.2553. Epub 2013 Apr 15. PMID: 23297751 
  • Undén J, Ingebrigtsen T, Romner B; Scandinavian Neurotrauma Committee (SNC). Scandinavian guidelines for initial management of minimal, mild and moderate head injuries in adults: an evidence and consensus-based update. BMC Med. 2013 Feb 25;11:50. doi: 10.1186/1741-7015-11-50. PMID: 23432764 [PubMed - in process] Free PMC Article
  • Thelin EP, Persson ME, Bellander BM. In Response to Comments Made in "S100B Protein and Chronic Subdural Hematoma". Front Neurol. 2013 Mar 15;4:26. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2013.00026. No abstract available. PMID: 23509442 [PubMed] Free PMC Article
  • Rostami E, Davidsson J, Gyorgy A, Agoston DV, Risling M, Bellander BM. The complement terminal pathway is activated in focal penetrating but not in mild diffuse Traumatic Brain Injury. J Neurotrauma. 2013 Jun 28. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 23808389 
  • Berg A, Rooyackers O, Bellander BM, Wernerman J. Whole body protein kinetics during hypocaloric and normocaloric feeding in critically ill patients. Crit Care. 2013 Jul 24;17(4):R158. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23883571 
  • Thelin EP, Nelson DW, Bellander BM. (2013). "Secondary peaks of S100B in serum relate to subsequent radiological pathology in traumatic brain injury.". Neurocrit Care. 2013 Oct 22. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Undén J, Bellander BM, Romner B. (2013) Updated management of adults with head injuries. Scandinavian Neurotrauma Committee's new guidelines provide guidance at minimal, mild and moderate injuries [Swedish]. Läkartidningen. 2013;110:CEY9.
  • Glimåker M, Johansson B, Halldorsdottir H, Wanecek M, Elmi-Terander A, Ghatan, P., Lindqvist, L., Bellander BM: (2014) "Neuro-Intensive Treatment Targeting Intracranial Hypertension Improves Outcome in Severe Bacterial Meningitis: An Intervention-Control Study." PLoS One 9 (3/e91976): 1-9.


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