Esther ShohamiEsther Shohami, PhD
Dept. of Pharmacology
Institute of Drug research, School of Pharmcy
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Higher eductaion

1963-1966         Hebrew University     Chemistry       BSc.

1966-1968         Hebrew University     Chemistry       MSc.

1968-1973         Hebrew University     Physiology (Biophysics)  PhD.

1973-1975          McGill University      Chemistry       Post-doc

Appointments at the Hebrew University

1976-1979    Research Assistant,  Life Science Institute                                                

1979-1981   Research associate/lecturer, Neurology                                                            

1981              Lecturer, Phramcaology

1988             Senior Lecturer                            Pharmacology

1997             Associate Professor                     Pharmacology

2002             Full Professor                               Pharmacology

2005             Incumbent of Dr. Leon and Dr. Mina Deutch Chair in Psychopharmacology.


Duties at the Hebrew University

1994 – 2000: Member at the teaching committee of the School of Pharmacy.

1996- 2000: Elected to the senate, as a representative of the associate professors

1997 –2000: Chairperson of the committee for evaluation of teaching quality, faculty of medicine.

1997-2000- Chairperson, pharmacology teaching unit (Chug), faculty of medicine.

2000- Chairperson, academic committee, the Brettler Center for Molecular Pharmacology.

2002-2005 Member of the Authority for graduate students

2006- Elected by the senate to the “Standing Committee”

2006-2011 – Dean of Students of the Hebrew University

2012 –date  Ombudsman of the students

Prof. Shohami’s research focuses on traumatic brain injury (TBI) and addresses the pathophisiology of TBI. She studies the mechanisms of injury (e.g. inflammation, oxidative stress, the glutamate NMDA receptors) as well as endogenous injury-induced neuroprotective brain mechanisms (e.g. erythropoietin, endocannabinoids, and heat-acclimation-induced preconditioning). She has published more than 220 articles, reviews and book chapters, and is a collaboraor at several patents. At her University Prof. Shohami teaches neuropharmacology to medical and pharmacy students and has supervised over 40 students forMSc,MDand PhD. She holds several duties at the administrative levels of the University, and also at National science committees. 

Current research topics:

  1. Pathophysiology of TBI: neurochemical changes and neurobehavioral impairments. Special emphasis on leaning and memory deficits after TBI and attempts to repair them via genetic manipulations, pharmacological intervention and/or training.
  2. The (endo)cannabinoid system: its role in the healthy and injured brain
  3. Activation, rather than inhibition of the glutamate NMDA receptor is protective after TBI and neuroinflammation: exploring the mechanism by which activation of down-regulated NMDAR may restore its function.


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