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The objective of my research career is to mitigate neurologic injury in critically ill children. Clinically, I am a Pediatric Intensivist and Anesthesiologist. I care for children with critical illnesses across the spectrum of their acute needs in and out of the operating room. The rate of neurologic injury to this population is unacceptable: roughly half of infants with critical heart disease will have a perioperative neurologic injury. It would seem that life support needs an upgrade to be both life and brain-supportive. My particular interest is the use of real-time neuromonitoring, such as the well-known autoregulation monitor developed at Cambridge University, to guide life support settings. These neurosurgical tools were developed for patients with traumatic brain injury, but they hold tremendous promise for advancing the care of high-risk pediatric patients without traumatic injury. I have collaborated with the neurosurgical group at Cambridge University in England to adapt and validate non-invasive autoregulation monitoring technologies for applications in the cardiac operating theater. My ultimate goal is to bring these laboratory technologies to the bedside of critically-ill patients, and prevent neurologic injury from acute critical illness.


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