David Menon


David K MenonDavid Menon obtained his PhD in 2006 from London University. He is Principle Investigator in the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, and Co-Chair of the Acute Brain Injury Program at the University of Cambridge. He currently acts as Vice-Coordinator of the CENTER-TBI project, a €30 million European multicentre study of precision medicine and comparative effectiveness research in traumatic brain injury (TBI). His research interests include neurocritical care, secondary brain injury, neuroinflammation, and metabolic imaging of acute brain injury, using positron emission tomography and high field magnetic resonance imaging. Research in his group has been supported by funding from sources, including the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Medical Research Council, the European Commission's FP7 Program, the Royal College of Anaesthetists, the Evelyn Trust, and the Wellcome Foundation.




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